Utilizing the latest from 3D CAD and
EdgeCam, our CNC programmers, designers
and operators collaborate to manufacture this
fantastic 1/5th scale Stanley Cup!
Designed using 3D CAD software
Programmed using EdgeCam
Manufactured using 2-axis Okuma CNC

Since 1979 DSA has designed and manufactured mechanical components
for various industries. We have been a leading supplier for the plastic
injection industry and pride ourselves on maintaining extremely tight
tolerances, project time-lines and budget parameters.
A Little About What We Do

Bringing every aspect of every operation together, DSA seamlessly
transitions between turning, milling and mill/turn to complete your product.
Using our wide range of CNC lathes, 5-Axis CNC mills and 8-axis mill/turn
the components we manufacture can be maintained to within .0002"
8-Axis Mill/Turn
Machined from a solid
stainless steel block        
Nov 2012
Joist Hanger
Okuma LT 300MY
January 2014: DSA Designs and manufactures 1/5th scale Stanley Cup!